Anybody Can AWS

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This ebook is a by-product of our journey of building scalable SaaS systems with AWS. It has become exciting for new-age entrepreneurs and engineers to build scalable systems with ease as these tools work out-of-the-box and allow engineers to focus on business logic. This ebook declutters all the information available on various AWS services and focuses only on the services that help build scalable web applications. Below is the content of this ebook:

1. Preface

2. Introduction

    2.1 Motivation

    2.2 Audience

3. Architecture Requirements

    3.1 Organizational requirements

    3.2 Data requirements

    3.3 Technical requirements

4. Architectural Patterns

    4.1 Monolithic architecture

    4.2 Layered architecture

    4.3 Service oriented architecture

    4.4 Microservices Architecture

5. Architecture design

    5.1 Challenges

    5.2 Microservices architecture

    5.3 Serverless architecture

6. AWS services

    6.1 AWS CLI

    6.2 Identity and access management (IAM)

    6.3 Simple storage service (S3)

    6.4 AWS Lambda

    6.5 DynamoDB

    6.6 Route 53

    6.7 Cognito

    6.8 CloudFront

    6.9 Cloudformation

    6.10 AWS Appsync

    6.11 AWS Amplify

7. Implementation

    7.1 Challenges

    7.2 Serverless implementation

    7.3 System configuration

        7.3.1 AWS account configuration

        7.3.2 AWS CLI setup

        7.3.3 Stacks and environments (IaaS)

        7.3.4 Release management

    7.4 Hands-on application exercise

        7.4.1 Application definition

        7.4.2 Application configuration (AWS Amplify)

        7.4.3 React User Interface

        7.4.4 Content Delivery Network (CDN)

        7.4.5 Route 53 (DNS)

        7.4.6 User Authentication (Cognito)

        7.4.7 API Management (Appsync)

        7.4.8 Function as a Service (Lambda)

        7.4.9 Data Storage (S3)

        7.4.10 Security

        7.4.11 Application demo

    7.5 Deployment

Frequently asked questions

Is this purchase refundable?

Yes, if this ebook does not meet your expectations and you feel that it's not relevant to you, please email us within 30 days for a refund. We will refund the entire amount, no questions asked.

Is this ebook beginner friendly?

Yes, we will walk you step-by-step through the theory and all the hands-on exercises from scratch. In case you are new to some of the concepts, we will refer/share relevant material to have you acquainted with those concepts.

Who is the audience for this ebook?

This ebook is relevant for frontend and backend engineers, product managers, entrepreneurs, data scientists, DevOps and data engineers.

Can I become the best developer/web-engineer using this ebook?

This ebook teaches all the relevant concepts to have you conversant with building a basic scalable web application. You will have to keep building more applications with these concepts to become the best in the business.

Does this book cover design, data sciences, and testing related concepts?

No, this ebook is completely focused on web development. We will be covering these topics in future ebooks.

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Anybody Can AWS

0 ratings